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  • Sample Recommendation Letters with formats

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Petition Letter (PDF+ Word)


One time payment

  • Real Petition Letter

  • Approved without Citations/Publications.

  • Sample Recommendation letters used.

  • I140 Petition Included.

  • Word version included.

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This petition is especially useful for you, if you don’t have a “conventional” profile for NIW. By “conventional” I mean a lot of publications, citations, post doctorate research etc.

You can use this to format and structure your petition. You can also use the arguments I have to see if you can use similar ones or overtime build your profile to fit those argument.

If you have time, there are enough resources to DIY the petition online, including blog section of this website and the petition letter.

If you don’t have time (or have a conventional profile with publication/citation), hiring lawyer might be easier. Keep in mind Lawyers fee can range all the way from $4,000 to $20,000 for this process.

NO, I am not a lawyer. I am Engineer working in tech and this website is for sharing information based on my firsthand journey of navigating immigration in the US. This content distributed in is for informational and educational purposes only.