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Hi there! I’m Abhi,
founder of EBNIW.com

Got my NIW Green card,
without publications

Why NIW?

Because you maybe eligible (without publications/citations)
Did you know if you have M.S (or B.S. with 5 yrs of progressive experience), you are eligible to apply for Green card?

Can apply from abroad (or within US)

Stay permanently in the US

No dependency on employer/job

Who qualifies to apply?

Advanced Degree [or exceptional ability]

  • M.S degree
  • B.S. with 5 yrs of progressive experience

Meet the 3 criteria (aka 3 prong tests)

  • An endeavor(project) of National Importance.

  • You are a uniquely qualified individual to lead the project.

  • Compelling immediate benefit to the US.

Blog Posts

Actionable and Practical

Abhi’s advice on the NIW second prong was invaluable, making the process feel achievable without numerous publications. His firsthand experience and insights into improving my petition were crucial. Thanks for making a complex area seem manageable and helping me strengthen my case.

Security Engineer

Informed Advice in simple words

I turned to EBNIW after facing steep lawyer fees and found their clear, patient guidance invaluable. They helped me DIY my application effectively, without needing extensive publications.

Mehang R.
Full Stack Engineer
Baylor University

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