Hello! I’m Abhi, a seasoned navigator of the U.S. immigration system with a tale that might sound familiar to many of you. My journey through this intricate maze has been punctuated with moments of triumph, bouts of frustration, and the occasional need to find humor in the bureaucratic absurdity of it all.

Starting on the OPT path, I quickly realized that the road to achieving the American Dream was paved with more than just good intentions; it required navigating a complex web of legal procedures and endless paperwork. Then came the H1B visa process, akin to entering a lottery where the prize was the opportunity to continue working in the U.S. The thrill of the draw, the anticipation of selection—it was all part of the process.

My adventures didn’t stop there. Visa stamping in Canada felt like participating in an elaborate ritual, where success meant getting a stamp rather than a trophy. It was during this time that I also considered Canada as a potential plan B, highlighting the constant search for stability that defines the immigrant experience.

My Employer at the time also started a Company sponsored Green Card application for me(in fact I had an I140 approved from a previous employer). But the uncertainties around job market pushed me to take things on my own hand.

The real game-changer in my journey was the EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) green card process. Here, I took the reins, crafting a case to demonstrate my unique contributions to the U.S. This wasn’t just about filling out forms; it was about presenting a compelling narrative that showcased my value beyond conventional metrics.

This process taught me the ins and outs of the U.S. immigration system, transforming me from a hopeful applicant into a knowledgeable guide for others navigating similar paths. My experience has equipped me with valuable insights and strategies for dealing with this complex system.

Through this blog and resources here, I aim to demystify the immigration process, offering guidance and support to those starting journey. My mission is to help you understand that while the road may be daunting, it is navigable with the right knowledge and a bit of perseverance.